Industrial radiography (IR) is the process of performing nondestructive testing of materials using radiation from a radioactive materials source or a radiation-producing machine.  The potential for harmful radiation exposure to the industrial radiographer, to other workers, and to the general public exists if the radioactive material or x-ray machine is not handled properly.  Statistics show that more radiation-related accidents occur in this industry than in any other.

In an attempt to ensure that industrial radiographers are familiar with appropriate radiation safety procedures and thereby reduce the number of accidents, states and NRC have adopted regulations requiring industrial radiographers to attend a radiation safety course, complete a specified number of on-the-job training hours, and successfully complete a written examination prior to being certified.  In order to facilitate the certification of industrial radiographers, 10 states and the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT) have nationally recognized certification programs.  CRCPD’s G-34 Committee on Industrial Radiography is active in issues regarding IR certification.

Industrial Radiography efforts:

Certifying entities:

CRCPD brokers Industrial Radiographer Certification examinations created by Texas for state certifying programs. ASNT is recognized by CRCPD as an independent certifying organization.

The purpose of this Pilot Project was to have the CRCPD, through the G-34 Committee on Industrial Radiography, serve as the lead organization for the oversight of all activities associated with a national industrial radiographer certification program.   The final report for this project was submitted and can be found at the NRC National Materials Program website.

Central certification promotes the efficient use of resources and expertise. Individual states do not have to do independent reviews in order to determine whether to recognize a new state or an Independent Certifying Organization. Having comparable programs nationwide encourages the uniform acceptance of cards and what they mean. This helps to accommodate the mobile nature of the industrial radiography industry.  Building off of the NMP Pilot Project, the G-34 Committee on Industrial Radiography is developing procedures to review state certification programs.

CRCPD brokers Industrial Radiographer Certification examinations used by the following states (except for Texas) in their certification programs:

RAM = Radioactive Materials Only;
X-RAY = X-Ray Machines Only;
Both = a combination of Radioactive Materials and X-Ray Machines